Dirt Dog 4′ Disc Harrow

Dirt Dog Heavy Duty 3 Point Lift Disc 48″ cutting width Model 100-1

This high performance implment is built to tackle even the toughest soil conditions. With its rugged construction and durable components, it effortlessly slices through the ground, leaving behind a perfectly cultivated field

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Model: 100-1
# of Disc: 12
Disc size: 16″
Front/Rear Disc Type: Notched
Front: 7-1/2″
Rear: 7-1/2″
Width: 48″
Weight: 425 lbs
Color: Gray

100 Series
โ€ข Cat 1 quick hitch
โ€ข Blade spacing โ€“ 7 ยฝโ€
โ€ข Blade type โ€“ notched
โ€ข Frame tube โ€“ 2โ€ square
โ€ข Bearing type โ€“ sealed, self aligning, ball bearing
โ€ข 35 hp range
โ€ข Gang tube โ€“ 3โ€ x 1 ยฝโ€
โ€ข Gang axle โ€“ 1โ€ square, high carbon steel
โ€ข Angling: Front gang โ€“ 0, 7, 14 and 21 degrees Rear gang โ€“ 0, 7, 14 and 21 degrees
โ€ข With angling adjustable handle