Tarter 200 Series Boom Pole

Tarter 200 Series Boom Pole

The 200 Series Boom Pole excels at jobs where heavy lifting up to a 1,000 pounds* is required. Load items on trailers, pull up old fence posts, or haul heavy lumber quickly and easily. Lift up to 1000 lbs. on the rear loop and up to 500 lbs. on the front loop. Implement capacity only, do not exceed the lift capacity of your tractor.




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Product Information:
Model: BP20BL
Lift Capacity: 1000lbs (rear loop) 500lbs (front loop)
Hitch Type: CAT 1
Height: 25-1/2”
Width: 32”
Length: 85-1/2”
Weight: 66lbs
Features: Multiple welded lifting loops