Tarter 300 Series Boom Pole

Tarter 300 Series Boom Pole – Heavy Duty

The 300 Series Boom Pole makes heavy lifting effortless! Use the Boom Pole as a handy crane to hoist car engines, move boulders or pull up fence posts. The list is endless. Lift up to 2,000 lbs.* on the rear loop, up to 1,000 lbs. on the front loop.

*Implement capacity only, do not exceed the lift capacity of your tractor.




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Product Information

Brand: Tarter
Condition: New
Model: BP30BL
Lift capacity: 2,000lbs (rear points) 1,000lb (front loop)
Tractor Horsespower: 20 Minimum
Hitch: CAT 1 & 2 / quick hitch compatible
Height: 24-1/2”
Width: 40”
Length: 95”
Weight: 150lbs
Features: HD Category 1 & 2 hitch pins, multiple welded lifting points