Tarter Calf Creep Feeder – 1000lb

This creep feeder is designed to protect feed from the elements with enough capacity for a week’s worth of feed for 30 calves
Ideal for small-to-medium sized calf herds
Best method available for adding pounds to your calves before weaning and/or marketing
Feed capacity: 1,000 lb.


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The adjustable gate bar of this 1000 lb. creep feeder can accommodate calves of various sizes
The adjustable feed control band lets you limit how much your calves eat
The attached cage allows calves to access feed through openings that are large enough for them but too small for cows to access
Please note this product comes standard with a cage and is not available without a cage
Dimensions: 76 in. L x 37 in. D x 48 in. H (overall), 76 in. L x 6 in. D x 9 in. W (feed trough), 92 in. L x 43 in. D (cage), 17 in. (calf stall width)
Calf stall openings: 5
Dry weight (approximate): 340 lb.