When planning a bathroom remodel, there are some vital things you will need to consider as you create the bathroom you want. A remodeled bathroom should be a joy for you to use, but it is also the main consideration if you are spending money to increase the resale value of your home. Whatever the reason for the remodel, the more time you take planning, the better the result is sure to be. Here are the most important considerations you will need to take into account before your build begins.
SizeTaking the size of your bathroom into account is vital, but it is something people overlook time and again. Many bathrooms that have been ill thought out are crammed with pointless cupboards and accessories; not only does this not look good, it also gives a claustrophobic feel to the room. Measure the dimensions of your room and draw out a simple plan, or even better, use a design program on a computer (basic ones are available for free). You will be able to add the essentials such as a bath, toilet, etc., and get a feel for size and position. This is the ideal way to visualize what you want and to realize the limitations.The Toilet

Please, do not buy a toilet simply for the way it looks. The days of the single-choice toilet are long gone, and you can now choose from toilets of all shapes and sizes—that’s the problem. Some are low, some are wide, and some will fit anywhere, while others may need a room of their own. Now this may sound a little weird, but try the toilet before you buy it. Go to the store and ask to sit on the toilet, make sure it is a suitable height for everybody and that you are comfortable with it. People may think you are crazy, but you would be crazy not to follow this advice.

The Bath

Like toilets, bathtubs come in all shapes and sizes. In general, it is a good idea to have as large a bath as possible (room size permitting), and the only dimension that could be a problem is height. You do not want to be struggling into a high bath if you have trouble with your legs, and this could be a consideration if you have young children climbing in and out of the bath too.

The Shower

Though a shower fitted in the confines of a bath may be practical for some, when designing a new bathroom, you can also consider making it a separate unit. A quadrant shower enclosure fitted in your new bathroom will add value and a wow factor to your bathroom, and it is far more practical for family use. It is vital that you do not take up too much space with your shower, and that the glass is suited to your needs. Clear glass looks cool and modern, but frosted glass requires less maintenance; so consider these things before making any purchases.


This is one aspect of your new bathroom that you need to take some time over. Your choice will be affected by several things, and expense and maintenance will be the most important ones. The cheapest choice would be a vinyl floor cover, which suits the bill fine as it is waterproof when fitted properly, but it is also prone to looking worn and dated within a year or two. At the other end of the scale you could fit a natural stone, and though well maintained and treated natural stone will last a life time, it can be expensive to buy and fit. Most people would choose the middle ground, and have a ceramic tile or laminate floor fitted. These are reasonably priced and will not require the maintenance of a hardwood or natural stone floor. They are also hard-wearing floors and will last you for years to come.


It is amazing how quickly your bathroom can start to look worn if you buy substandard fittings. You do not need to buy gold taps for your bathroom to look classy, but you will need to buy quality ones if you want them to look good for years to come. Designer fittings can be bought at very reasonable prices online, and that is a great place to start to look. They will be higher quality and have a little something extra that mass produced fitting will lack. Be careful if you choose to mix and match different finishes, as it can look odd if it’s not done correctly.

AdamDanielsAdam Daniels runs a home improvement and interior design business. He feels designing a home and renovating it is like creating a fine work of art. Nothing gives him more satisfaction than seeing a customer’s face light up when he/she is overjoyed with the results.